Everyday Stressors

When it comes to stress, it’s the little things that matter. A seemingly tiny mishap — such as a lost set of keys — can trigger a tidal wave of negative reactions on an emotional, physical and even cellular level as stress hormones spike.

One moment in time I will always remember was at a seminar when Gloria Mayfield Banks said, "If I can offer you one piece of advice it is this - always put your keys in the same spot!  How many times are you completely ready, dressed to the nines and then you can’t find your keys?  By the time you find them you are a hot sweaty stressed out mess." I know I have been there. Have you?

Here are some Everyday Stressors and what you can do about them:

  1. Difficult Coworker - We all have them. The reason you dread going to work on Monday…well everyday. The one coworker who drives you crazy. Now, this advice comes from field testing. It is tried and true. Diffuse. Diffuse oils at your desk and I’ll tell you why. This annoying person - they will either be repelled by the oils (win-win) or be drawn to it. If they are drawn to it, you know this poor soul doesn’t want to be the foul way that they are and there body is crying for help. You have tools that can help them! If you don’t know which oil or blend is best for them, ask me. I’m happy to help.
  2. Stuck in Traffic - I am a native Californian. I’m pretty sure the 405 has to be some of the worst traffic on the planet. How do you cope? This piece could be a life game changer for you so listen up. Make your car a rolling university. What do I mean? You have 1-2 hours of, at this time, completely wasted frustrating, time sucking time. What if you could instead switch 2-4 hrs a day from a complete loss to building you towards your future? It’s is completely possible! Instead of listening to CNN (the Constantly Negative News) listen to inspirational pod casts, webinars or books. With the options we have on our phones the possibilities are endless but I’ll offer up a few suggestions. Anything by Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn, TED talks, The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. You will arrive home refreshed and rejuvenated and full of passion instead of angry, bitter and tired. Try it and let me know! 
  3. What to make for dinner? Ah - the daily hurdle! You worked all day and now guess what? Grand prize: you get to make dinner! Hurray! Not. Here is a list of items you want to always have on hand so in a pinch you can make something:

          - Whole-grain pasta

          - Brown rice

          - Canned beans

          - Low-sodium broths

          - Low-salt tomatoes

          - Extra-virgin olive oil

          - Low-sugar pasta sauce

          - Salsa

          - Precut, frozen grilled chicken breast

          - Ground turkey

          - Frozen fruits and veggies

From this list, you can make the following meals (and even more):

• Burrito bowls with grilled chicken, rice, tomatoes and salsa with frozen grilled peppers.

• Chicken noodle soup in the slow cooker — throw everything in the pot in the morning and dinner is done when you get home.

• Pasta with olive oil and basil or pasta with red sauce and veggies.

• Macaroni and sauce with ground turkey.

• Black beans and rice with salsa and veggies.

A great time save and grocery bill saver for me has been having the herb essential oils on hand.  Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano and Marjoram.  How many times do we buy fresh herbs and they go bad? Or we don’t have them on hand when we need them? The essential oils are extremely potent so you are only using a drop or 2 and they are fresh and ready to go at any time.