Everyday Stressors

When it comes to stress, it’s the little things that matter. A seemingly tiny mishap — such as a lost set of keys — can trigger a tidal wave of negative reactions on an emotional, physical and even cellular level as stress hormones spike.

One moment in time I will always remember was at a seminar when Gloria Mayfield Banks said, "If I can offer you one piece of advice it is this - always put your keys in the same spot!  How many times are you completely ready, dressed to the nines and then you can’t find your keys?  By the time you find them you are a hot sweaty stressed out mess." I know I have been there. Have you?

Here are some Everyday Stressors and what you can do about them:

  1. Difficult Coworker - We all have them. The reason you dread going to work on Monday…well everyday. The one coworker who drives you crazy. Now, this advice comes from field testing. It is tried and true. Diffuse. Diffuse oils at your desk and I’ll tell you why. This annoying person - they will either be repelled by the oils (win-win) or be drawn to it. If they are drawn to it, you know this poor soul doesn’t want to be the foul way that they are and there body is crying for help. You have tools that can help them! If you don’t know which oil or blend is best for them, ask me. I’m happy to help.
  2. Stuck in Traffic - I am a native Californian. I’m pretty sure the 405 has to be some of the worst traffic on the planet. How do you cope? This piece could be a life game changer for you so listen up. Make your car a rolling university. What do I mean? You have 1-2 hours of, at this time, completely wasted frustrating, time sucking time. What if you could instead switch 2-4 hrs a day from a complete loss to building you towards your future? It’s is completely possible! Instead of listening to CNN (the Constantly Negative News) listen to inspirational pod casts, webinars or books. With the options we have on our phones the possibilities are endless but I’ll offer up a few suggestions. Anything by Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn, TED talks, The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. You will arrive home refreshed and rejuvenated and full of passion instead of angry, bitter and tired. Try it and let me know! 
  3. What to make for dinner? Ah - the daily hurdle! You worked all day and now guess what? Grand prize: you get to make dinner! Hurray! Not. Here is a list of items you want to always have on hand so in a pinch you can make something:

          - Whole-grain pasta

          - Brown rice

          - Canned beans

          - Low-sodium broths

          - Low-salt tomatoes

          - Extra-virgin olive oil

          - Low-sugar pasta sauce

          - Salsa

          - Precut, frozen grilled chicken breast

          - Ground turkey

          - Frozen fruits and veggies

From this list, you can make the following meals (and even more):

• Burrito bowls with grilled chicken, rice, tomatoes and salsa with frozen grilled peppers.

• Chicken noodle soup in the slow cooker — throw everything in the pot in the morning and dinner is done when you get home.

• Pasta with olive oil and basil or pasta with red sauce and veggies.

• Macaroni and sauce with ground turkey.

• Black beans and rice with salsa and veggies.

A great time save and grocery bill saver for me has been having the herb essential oils on hand.  Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano and Marjoram.  How many times do we buy fresh herbs and they go bad? Or we don’t have them on hand when we need them? The essential oils are extremely potent so you are only using a drop or 2 and they are fresh and ready to go at any time. 

Plank Your Way to Health

One of my favorite things about doTERRA is how they urge us all to create a healthy lifestyle.  Essential oils are 1 piece of the puzzle in our optimizing our health or regaining control of our health but there are other necessary aspects.  1 being exercise.  I’m sure you’ve heard sitting is the new smoking.  Our sedentary lifestyles are wreaking havoc on our bodies.  Here is a list of some of the ways sitting has been studied to be shortening our lives:

1. Highly Sedentary People Have a Greater Risk of Developing Cancer

2. Frequent Sitters Have a Greater Risk of Developing Heart Disease

3. Sitting Increases the Risk of Obesity

4. Prolonged Sitting Increases the Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

5. Sedentary Habits are Associated with Higher Risk of Developing Depression

So let’s get moving!

Join me for a New You workout plan. We are going to start of with one of my favorite exercises for 30 days. Plank is great for many reasons:

1. A toned Belly

2. Reduce Back Pain

3. Improve Your Balance and Posture

If you stick to this schedule in just seconds per day you will feel lighter on your feet and stronger in your core. 



One of the wonderful benefits of essential oils is their wide array of benefits to each and every one of us.  Not only to physical aspects of our bodies but also to soothe our emotions.  I lost my grandmother this week.  Even though we knew it was coming I was still struck with intense sorrow and loss.  She has been the person in my life growing up who showed unconditional love and always saw the positive in any situation.  I am the person I am today because of her.  Console® ComfortingBlend really helped me through the first couple days.  I applied it over my heart and added 2 drops to the diffuser to help me sleep. The blend of floral and tree essential oils will help you close the door on sadness and take your first steps on a hopeful path toward emotional healing. These times are never easy but how glad we can be to have a tool to help support us through trying times. When needed you too can bind your broken heart with doTERRA Console Comforting Blend.


During any hour of the day we are all dealing with situations that cause stress in our lives.  You’re going to be late getting the kids to school, traffic, at 8pm you find out about a project due at school TOMORROW.  The water heater breaks, your car gets a flat, someone says something on Facebook that just gets under your skin and you can’t shake it.  What if there was a tool available to you at a moments notice that on a cellular level brought calming and balance to your emotions? Would that be wonderful?  Guess what – There is!  Nature holds beautiful healing gifts for us in the form of essential oils.  I am excited to share with you the benefits of these Gifts of the Earth, doTERRA’s meaning in Latin.  There are different pre-made blends that help promote your desired feeling. The first one we will talk about is Peace® Reassuring Blend. Feelings of fear, anxiousness, and distress can be all-consuming, but the dōTERRA Peace® Reassuring Blend is designed to counteract negative feelings of discontent and worry. For those days when you need reassurance and stability, dōTERRA Peace will help soothe negative emotions.  If you are looking for a little more peace in your life this might be just the oil for you.  You can apply it topically to your wrists, on the bottom of your feet or over your heart.  This is a great one for your diffuser at night to promote restful sleep for you and your little ones. 

It's All About The Gut

One of the areas of medicine that is exploding right now is the study inside the walls of your digestive system. Research is showing a connection that until recently has not been understood. The link between digestion, your immune system and mood.

Have you ever "gone with your gut"? Turns out that is not just a figure of speech.  Hidden inside the walls of your digestive system is what scientists call the enteric nervous system (ENS) or your second brain. Making this the only organ to boast its own independent nervous system. It is an intricate network of 100 million neurons imbedded in the gut wall. The gut and brain have the ability to have constant communication through the nervous system, hormones and immune system.  We have understood the hormonal system for a little while now (fight or flight) but the underlying system, the immune system, is more complex and works at a cellular level. 

We all start out at birth with a sterile gut environment but over the years with different bacterias we are exposed to where we live, toxins we take in on a daily basis and from use of antibiotics our gut's microbes are effected. This is important to be aware of because this effects so many different parts of our health.

1. Immune strength - The 100 trillion microbes that live inside the GI tract regulate digestion and metabolism. They extract and make vitamins and other nutrients from the foods you eat. They program the body's immune system.  They build and maintain the gut wall. 

2. Mental Health - this one may surprise you. It did me when I first learned of it. Gut bacteria have been associated with a number of mental health problems including anxiety and depression. 

In 2011 a study was done where a strain of mice that are typically timid and shy were given a cocktail of antibiotics dramatically changing the composition of their gut bacteria.  Their behavior completely changed.  They became bold and adventurous just from this change in digestive system.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21683077

If you still question how strong the gut and brain connection is think of this - Have you ever been nauseated before giving a big presentation? Or had stomach pain during times of stress?