I'm Beth,

a Certified Emotions Mentor and Holistic Health Coach dedicated to helping individuals and families understand how easy it is to learn how to listen to our bodies when they are speaking to us. 

For 6 years I worked in a hospital because helping people has always been my passion but that was not where I could do it best.  

5 years ago I was introduced to the world of essential oils. At that time my husband Ryan was very sick. We had tried all options available and I was afraid I was going to lose him.  When I was sampled an essential oil blend for head tension and it worked on me, we were given hope again. Maybe there was something we could try for him!   That hope is why it has become my mission to share these Gifts of the Earth with others. 

I've seen people suffering and exhaust all of their options. I'm here to bring hope. We have some amazing tools at our fingertips which I show you how to use. Through the past 5 years with my team of over 5,000 people we have an abundance of experience to draw from in helping others.  

Whether you are in need of physical help or emotional support we can show you how to use the phenomenal products dōTERRA offers to help balance your body. Those who join our oil community very quickly become friends.  We invite you to join us!