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One of the areas of medicine that is exploding right now is the study inside the walls of your digestive system. Research is showing a connection that until recently has not been understood.

Stress Management

During any hour of the day we are all dealing with situations that cause stress in our lives.  You’re going to be late getting the kids to school, traffic, at 8pm you find out about a project due at school TOMORROW.

The Grieving Process

One of the wonderful benefits of essential oils is their wide array of benefits to each and every one of us.  Not only to physical aspects of our bodies but also to soothe our emotions. 


Why Do We Do What We Do?

Feb 1st 7pm PST

Tony Robbins has uncovered from his work around the world with millions of people that there are 6 Human Needs. We unconsciously find a way to meet them no matter what in a positive or negative way. For a lot of us because we are totally unaware we are doing this they get met in ways that are destructive and bring frustration and sadness.  When you are aware of what they are, you can choose to meet them in positive ways and this can completely change your life instantly.  


Spring Clean

Sat March 3rd 10am PST

There are roughy 80,000 chemicals in products we use everyday in our homes and on our skin.  The list of health concerns they have been linked to is LONG.  Let's talk about some easy changes you can make in your home to reduce the amount of chemicals you and your family are breathing, eating, and applying.  Your body will thank you!